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2018 Antwerpen

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Bobbejaanland Halloween

Once a year Bobbejaanland is a slightly different kind of fun. Scary fun that is. During last year’s Halloween the theme park introduced two new mazes, two new scare zones and a monster invasion themed nocturne. We created the Halloween campaign, but we have to admit, we almost pissed our pants making it. Almost.


Everybody’s online these days. Even your grandma. So guess what we focused on? Online, right.

We created a campaign video which - we're sure of it - scared everyone and published it on the web.

Cinemagraphs of the creeps haunting Bobbejaanland during Halloween spread the word about the 2 new mazes, 2 new scare zones and 2 existing mazes.


Last but not least, next to the creepy video campaign and the cinemagraphs, the launch of the campaign site was an important aspect of the entire online campaign.