How much time, money and CO₂ do you save by working at home for a day? Gosh? Exactly. Calculate these figures exactly using the work from home advantage calculator, adapted to your personal situation!

Working from home has many personal and social benefits. If we merely zoom in on the many trips to and from work that are eliminated by home workers, the reduction in traffic movements will result in a lot fewer (fatal) accidents every year, says VIAS Institute. In addition, you not only save time and money, but also reduce CO₂ emissions. Working from home also ensures a better work-life balance. However, if you normally commute by bike or on foot then consider compensating this physical effort, VIAS Institute says.

Tailor-made calculation

In short, working from home provides many benefits for you as an employee. But what if you have yet to convince your employer of the benefits? That is where we have come up with solutions on behalf of VIAS Institute. Is your boss looking for answers? Refer her or him to (Dutch or French only), full of tips and useful information about teleworking. Is he or she rather looking for the hard numbers, tailored to each employee? Enter: the work from home advantage calculator (Dutch or French only).

The calculator takes into account your personal situation: which means of transport you use, commuting distance, how many days you work, your holidays, current travel expenses, any income via a teleworking allowance, and so on!

Technical feat

Because the calculator can take into account all sorts of different personal situations, scoping the project was key. How far did we go in the end? Try it yourself! This project contains hundreds of mathematical formulas and almost two thousand lines of efficient code to show commuters the right result every time. We never shy away from a technical challenge at Nine O'Clock Somewhere!

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