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13.09.15 - 9am

Rodekruis.be shortlisted for a Digital Communication Award

Rodekruis.be, the new home for Red Cross Flanders, has been shortlisted for an international Digital Communication Award in the category "website".

To turn around the current scattered situation into one clear unity.

We turned the 250 different websites into 1 structure as we went for consistency in online and offline branding, a key aspect of a credible brand. By setting up a design framework we were able to unite the various sub-entities but at the same time allow enough freedom.

A well-thought-out combination of raising awareness through smart content publishing together with a permanent call-to-action on every level formed the icing on the cake, allowing Red Cross Flanders to come forward as thought leader in the field of brand experience and innovative content.

The results? A huge increase in visitors, press coverage and most importantly: donations.