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A content hub: What and Why

What is a content hub?

It is better to put your stories and social content on your website or web ecosystem, and share this content on your social media. This is preferred to posting your stories directly on the different social media platforms, will result in a higher return and maximizes your efforts.

Why should I use a content hub?

This is the preferred approach because of the following reasons:

  1. Your own website is your only owned media, where as all social platforms are either rented or paid. By placing your content on your own website you remain in control
  2. Social media has a very short lifespan. From a couple of hours, to a couple of days maximum. By publishing on your own website, the content will gain a longer lifespan
  3. You can maximize the conversion rate by integrating your content within your website
  4. Your social content is search friendly and will generate organic incoming traffic
  5. Instead of having an isolated post, you can relate the content within your existing content. With time your content hub will only grow stronger and will become a rich source of content
  6. You can pull user-generated content from social channels