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A true web ecosystem versus multiple websites


  • you manage a lot of content 
  • you run multiple websites for your businesses, brands and campaigns
  • you feel like coordinating these seems increasingly more complex

...then you will experience immediate benefit from a more centralised approach.

some hints:

  • Do you need to update content on separate locations and websites?
  • Do you need to login to different CMS admin panels?
  • Can people search for your job openings on your main website?

A good approach is to get rid of the different websites, which contain only some of your content and behave as seperate silos.

All your content should be managed centrally, still to be used on your multiple websites.

We achieve this through content modeling.

Web content approach

The short animation below shows the difference in using all of your websites as silos versus having a centralised content container. This container pushes the relevant content to the designated places in your web ecosystem.

Some of the most important benefits:

  • Share designs
  • Share data
  • Share functionalities
  • Simplify support for all your websites
  • Long term benefits: Investment for a single site will have impact on all your sites
  • Performance
  • Scalability:  opting for a platform creates a long-term, future proof ecosystem, scalabale to your needs.

Need some more information?

Get in touch for a presentation about our approach to centralised web content