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2018 Antwerpen

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Danonino is one of Danone's products and focuses mostly on children. Our task: to elaborate a website which was attractive to Danonino's target group.


The main idea

We needed to redesign the website, because the brand no longer aimed kids between 6 and 12 years old, but from now on wants to focus on kids between 3 and 6 years old. This younger target group needs a different, more playful approach.

This is why we decided to let kids do what they love best: to cut, paste, get dirty and craft new things. 

A farm world

To do so, we designed a complete farm wold with several farm animals. Children could build this world themselves by using Gervais packaging, which could be found in all major supermarkets. 

The educational values of that process were kept in mind during the whole process. That's why we collaborated with an expert in that field. 



We decided we wanted to create a link between both the offline and online communication of Danonino. Extra instructions on how to craft the animals on the packages could be found on the website. Also, a competition was held in which kids could show off their newly crafted animals.

The idea was to use the same playful elements you could find on the packaging for the design of the website as well. The entire website was based on a craft exercise, and turned out to be a great success.