The world is getting more and more complex. We have to constantly learn to keep up with technological developments. Quite tricky.

The interplay between data, technology and creativity also requires expertise in several areas. You just have to know it all! And once you know how it works, how do you deploy it yourself to achieve your goals? Because that's really what counts. Results.

We are great believers in simplicity and are therefore very pragmatic. You want to fill vacancies, enter new markets, sell products or recruit donors. You don't want marketing jargon like ‘conversational’ and ‘predictive AI’, ‘customer journey mapping’ or ‘omni-channel strategies’. 

Because we are creative makers, we quickly ‘pierce’ through these trendy terms. Even with new technologies, we don't talk about them, we just prototype. See what works and what doesn't.

In 2020, for example, we were the first in Belgium with video-commerce. A webshop in a video environment. And we are now also developing our own AI chatbots or smart campaign measurement tools that do not rely on cookies alone. By testing ourselves, we can really get involved. But in plain human language. Without embellishments.


What kind of agency?  🛋️

Our clients give us different names. As an agency, we are quite difficult to pigeonhole.

Yes, but no jacket-and-tie and paper reports. We create business strategies and support management teams in (re)positioning. We do this in a fun creative way. We deliver a concrete concept that we know is executable.

Communication agency?
We develop communication tools from print to digital. Across different channels. From booklet to iOS app or maybe a game. But communication is only good when it demonstrably works. So we measure!

Marketing agency?
Yes, we devise marketing campaigns to achieve (commercial) results. 

Performance agency?
Results are what count. But we don't stop at our own developed channels. We know how measurement works and what the shortcomings are both technologically and legally. Media is part of it, but we don't see simply spending money on ads as a first priority. We want to measure and test concepts before scaling up.

Production agency?
This is how we once started. 25 years ago. Producing content. Creating (virtual) worlds. This ‘making’ is still in our blood. We make videos, animations, games. Tjah, just look at our work, all kinds of content. Our project managers guide the process from A to Z and don't let go until it's settled.

Full stack development?
Yes. Tick also. Our in-house developers create all kinds of applications. They are picky and only go for quality. This means secure and scalable. So that, as a customer, you can proceed with it yourself without being stuck with us. The work of our developers is increasingly about integrations. Getting our customers' systems to work together and also a lot of data synchronisation. 


Help is only needed temporarily  ⏱️

We like to have long-term relationships with our customers. Yet we believe that help should be temporary. This is why, for everything we do, we make sure that you as a customer can continue working with it yourself. This involves knowledge transfer but also delivering resources that are scalable. And for which you no longer need us after delivery. For instance, we do not believe in software licences. 

What is temporary is different for every customer. Some of our clients immediately start working on a developed campaign themselves, others ask us to relieve them or only help them the first few times. We are there for as long as it takes.

‘In everything we make, we make sure you can take it forward yourself’


Why the name?  👀

We have a thing about time. That's why it's in our name. We also see time as one of the most important KPIs. Because if your customers want to spend time with your company, people, or products, then you have them close. Having and keeping them close creates lots of (sales) opportunities and huge amounts of data. In almost all our work, we are focused on this. 

Nine O'Clock Somewhere? Well, let's just say that reminds us of the early days of the internet, when you only had to be relevant during the traditional peaks (9am and 9pm). Times have changed. Now you have to be relevant all the time. So no time to waste!

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