Figures show that around 20,000 people visit the clinic every year for travel advice and vaccinations. The travel medicine website is consulted 450,000 times a year. Travellers are increasingly using their smartphones as travel guides when they go out, so it makes sense that they can use it to keep themselves updated on the latest travel advice and developments as well.

Together with the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (ITM), we have developed an app (iOS/Android) called Wanda, which allows travellers to stay informed in real time about the health risks of their destination. Wanda is free, user-friendly and contains all the up-to-date information that can also be found on the Institute's revamped travel medicine website

For travellers travelling to areas where internet is not available, there is the option to compile a downloadable PDF yourself (in advance). As a user, you select parts that are relevant to you on the website, and a personalised PDF is generated.

 When using the app, the ITG can send travellers a targeted message when there is an outbreak in the country of visit. With Wanda, you can therefore be well prepared for your trip and always have the latest information in your pocket.

Experience concept

We chose a name for the app that would sound human and familiar. Preferably a female name.
 Wanda is not just a name, but comes from the word Wanderlust. This stands for the desire to travel and discover the world. You can see that in the logo that we developed. The mountains and the blue sky are visible.

In order to keep information up-to-date at all times, we have developed a digital ecosystem that manages all health information in one central database. The information is made available to both the website and both apps (iOS/Android) through our Rest API. This helps ITG to easily update information in only one place and therefore the information adapts itself automatically in the apps. When you are offline and go back online the information is refreshed. 

So you always have a smart travel expert in your pocket. Wanda. Travel in good health!

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Strategy director

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