In March 2022, Belgian fashion retailer Torfs introduced the Fashionated spring campaign with a VIP event on location. The fashion show, curated and presented by Farah el Bastani, was broadcasted live online, allowing viewers to shop their favorite items directly from the video. After the live event, the fashion show could be viewed again on the livestream shopping channel, which served as a virtual magazine for the spring and summer collection of 2022.

Why livestream shopping? 

Torfs aims to innovate and experiment with new marketing channels to see if it can further enhance customer loyalty. As a multi-brand retailer, Torfs sells items that are also available elsewhere. Livestream shopping, in the case of Torfs, offers an opportunity to provide something extra compared to the competition. This content focuses more on style advice than just the sale of individual items. The channel serves as an inspirational platform that identifies customers early on and understands their taste (style profile).

Livestream shopping provides valuable (first-party) data from potential customers that Torfs can use strategically. This data can be used for retargeting, personalization, and curating collections and offerings.

Livestream shopping production

At Torfs, the initial focus was on the Fashionated VIP event at the Edegem store. We provided a livestream production that included a film crew, equipment, directing, and livestream technology. The live video signal was streamed to the platform via a satellite connection.

Platform & technology

What makes our in-house developed platform unique is that the consumer can experience everything from a single screen, much like on television. For example, when you want to add items to your wishlist, you don't leave the video. This is essential because it positively impacts conversions and prevents so-called 'one-product carts.' At Torfs, we integrated the platform with their existing webshop, allowing customers to directly purchase items from their wishlist at Torfs. Wishlists were also immediately added to your account when you were logged in as a customer. The livestream also works perfectly on a smart TV, making shopping on your television a reality, and brands can consider their own versions of Red Bull TV.

Content format

For Torfs, the Fashionated event was the first content format in which viewers could watch a live event at a physical location. The platform is suitable for various other content formats, such as "Style advice and chatting with a stylist" or "Live from a store nearby" or collaborations with shoe or clothing brands. This aligns with the Fashionated campaign's proposition to bring its target audiences closer, help them find the right style, and go beyond the sale of individual items.

Our expertise

In short, here's an overview of the services we provided:

- Implementation of livestream shopping strategy
- Development and integration of the livestream shopping platform
- Advice on data and funnel optimization
- Video production and editing (crew, equipment, image format)

Creation of social video content Torfs has set a goal to continue experimenting with livestream shopping in 2022. We are honored to support Torfs Schoenen with our expertise in this endeavor.

Need to know more? Get in touch.

Tino Dekkers
Strategy director

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