In 2022, we created the 360° campaign for Eurogarant, the leading quality label for the car bodywork sector in Belgium.
The goal of the campaign was to generate brand awareness and conversions (appointments for damage repair) for Eurogarant bodyshop members. We achieved this through real-time tracking and campaign optimisation.

Campaign concept

For many people, the world of car body repair is unclear and not transparent. Also, the use of professional lingo can be confusing to novice customers. In short, when you have a claim, you enter a new world where they speak a language that is unfamiliar to you. You feel at the mercy of the expertise of the bodyshop. From research, we identified the biggest annoyances consumers face.

We created the campaign concept around the most common questions consumers have about damage repair. We show these questions in video, audio and text. We then introduced four characters (the manager, the fitter, the dismantler and the painter) who each answer consumers' questions about safety, quality, professionalism and financial loss, among other things.

Every Eurogarant campaign statement always starts with a consumer question (blue) that is then answered by a Eurogarant specialist (purple). By doing so, the question of the consumer takes a prominent place in the campaign which helps to take away the hesitation or shyness consumers often have to ask questions about repairs.

Campaign mechanism

The campaign mechanism focuses mainly on online and telephone contact. Because we know that when people are searching, they want to be contacted quickly to have their questions answered by a Eurogarant expert. The call-to-action is therefore mainly to ask for advice from Eurogarant or to quickly drive by one of their 500 branches. We ensure that Eurogarant feels close by. And that the consumer's question is paramount.

Content creation

The content creation was aimed at creating as much cost-efficient campaign material as possible, so that the campaign could be (re)shaped in the coming year. The production of video and photography started first. After production, the visual material was edited and provided with voice-overs in two languages. The images were then used to produce the campaign material, which among other things contained:
- Youtube video ads
- Facebook & Instagram poll ads
- A campaign website
- Online (display) banners
- Downloads & leaflets

Location driven

Consumers who come into contact with the campaign on YouTube, for example, are referred to the website. We have ensured that the storyline continues over there. So when you see a YouTube video of the manager about financial damage, you click through to the landing page of the manager. This also takes into account the correct language version. On the landing page, you immediately get suggestions for Eurogarant bodyshops nearby based on your location. This helps increase the relevance and thus conversions.

Media deployment 

In the media strategy, we focus on a combination of visibility and conversion. This results in the right ratio of SEA and online media. And thus also in costs compared to ROI. In targeting, we focus on specific target groups with the right cost-per-lead. The challenge here is to exclude the damages of lease cars. Specific strategies were also followed per region (Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels).

Real-time tracking with campaign dashboard

As a client, you want to have insight into the effectiveness of your campaign at all times so you can make adjustments. Especially during the campaign and not afterwards when the media budget is depleted. And not just the media performance (CTR) but also the conversions on the website and, for Eurogarant, the follow-up of applications by the bodyshops. 

To provide this service, we used our campaign dashboard. This dashboard shows real-time media performance, conversion targets and overall funnel performance. So that the cost-per-lead can be monitored and adjusted in real time. This is possible because we have installed unique trackers in every advertisement, mailing, video, button and form. We do this in such a way that we do not suffer from data loss you might experience with Google Analytics due to ad blockers or denial of cookie consent. The campaign is currently running and is being monitored and adjusted on a weekly basis.

Need to know more? Get in touch.

Tino Dekkers
Strategy director

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