Amplooi is an expert in guiding and developing people. They provide insight into qualities and talents in order to increase both job satisfaction and productivity. They achieve this through coaching for employers, managers, employees, and individuals, always with a positive outlook. Because everyone has talent!

Campaign concept 

The goal of the campaign is to (re)position Amplooi in the market of reintegration, career coaching, and talent development in a unique way. There are many providers in the market. Therefore, the new Amplooi story had to be different. Many providers focus on procedures, protocols, and legislation. We found this to be impersonal.

We needed to get back to the essence of the matter, which is closely examining (and listening to) people's talents. It's a moral appeal to both employees and employers to (continue) recognizing talents. Recognizing talent means genuinely paying attention to the individual. This is achieved by zooming in, looking beyond the 'uniform' someone wears. This also reflects the attention Amplooi provides in its services.

The campaign targets three audiences:

  1. People who are currently employed but want to further develop themselves or are feeling bored (Joy).
  2. People who are at risk of work-related mental or physical burnout (Daan).
  3. People who are currently unemployed and forced to contemplate their next career move (Mila).

The stories were gathered from real-life cases at Amplooi.

Image creation

The people in the photos and videos have their eyes closed or covered. This is unsettling when accompanied by the text 'I see you.' It grabs attention and creates 'stopping power.'

When you closely zoom in, you see all the subtle emotions on people's faces. You can see how certain questions or words affect them. What gives them energy or causes sadness. This is also what Amplooi's coaches do.

In the video, we also depict the 'transformation moment.' That moment when you realize how things can be different. Or that moment when Amplooi offers you a new perspective. The moment when your life (literally) regains color, and you manage to harness your (hidden) talents.

In the campaign, we use images from before the transformation moment (white images, gloomy, eyes not visible) and after the transformation moment: color, smiling people, eyes open. And the talent has been found! Perseverer, Code Wizard, Handy Man, Language Whiz. We use these titles of honor to truly showcase the (re)discovered talent. Because that's what Amplooi does and it ensures workplace happiness.


The campaign is deployed in the media as well as for sales activities. The video stories serve as elevator pitches. Various videos  have been created for online use, on social media, and in presentations. A brandbook has been developed that can be given to clients, telling the brand story of Amplooi.

In 2023, the campaign will be gradually rolled out and enriched with an employer branding campaign. Because, of course, Amplooi also utilizes talent development for (new) employees.

Promise and evidence

Because the brand story needed to be conveyed by the people of Amplooi, we started internally. We identified the strengths of Amplooi. Under the motto 'practice what you preach,' we searched for talents within their own organization. The film was created with the help of employees. Together with them we shaped a new brand story!

The initial introduction of the new brand story to the entire staff.
During a company outing, Amplooi employees were photographed with their eyes closed. Postcards were then printed from these photos and handed out to managers and team leaders. They were asked to describe the talents they saw in their own people. They sent these postcards to their employees. They felt seen!

Subsequently, these cards serve as conversation starters about one's own talents within the organization. Where do you see yourself further developing? I see you!


The new brand story is intended to initiate conversations between employers and employees.

It should also allow people to 'experience' Amplooi's services. The most common situations or cases have their own landing pages. For example, a Bore-out, ambition, or physical complaints that make work less enjoyable. The landing page provides immediate perspective with a free talent scan or a conversation with a coach. This way, the campaign becomes more than just a beautiful story. Amplooi sees you and all your talents and offers immediate assistance.

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