A new campaign for Coolworld Rentals. The company that rents temperature solutions throughout Europe, serving industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and petrochemicals. The goal of the new campaign: ''Coolworld aims to engage with (potential) customers in emerging markets in Europe at an earlier stage, in order to populate its database with marketing and sales qualified leads (MQL/SQL).''

Finding a unique story

The (B2B) market for chillers, cold rooms, and cooling systems often seems homogenous. Many providers communicate in a similar manner, with their (own) machines taking center stage in their communications. However, temperature control is about much more than just kW and temperature. For many industries, temperature impacts risks, quality, revenue, and regulations.

The developed campaign primarily focuses on addressing the challenges faced by the identified target audiences and market segments. This way, Coolworld can demonstrate its willingness to partner and proactively address these challenges, initiating conversations at an earlier stage.

In the market analysis we conducted, we observed that all competitors tend to communicate in a similar fashion. Blue and red are the dominant colors, and images of (white) products are prominent. The copy often makes similar promises (24-hour delivery, in-house transport, installation, etc.). Here, we sought to establish a distinctive visual identity - one where you can immediately identify the sender while conveying the right visual association: temperature control.

Image creation

The image concept originates from a thermal image, one that reveals the warm and cold parts of a person, object, or product. Currently, you see a lot of blue and red in such images. However, the thermal image displays a full spectrum that also corresponds to the comprehensive range of temperature control solutions that Coolworld, as one of the few, can provide (-70°C to +90°C). This unique temperature association has not yet been claimed by a competitor.


From concept to market segments

The overall image concept has been adapted to specific market segments and target audiences (DMUs). Each target group has its own unique story and offering. The (risk-free) offerings also vary by market segment. Coolworld wants to demonstrate that they understand the market (and its challenges) of their customers.

Initially, customer challenges were mapped out in collaboration with the (international) sales team and translated into specific advertisements and call-to-actions. Coolworld's offerings? For example, a calculation guide for growing companies in the food industry. This is an offer that is highly relevant early in the sales funnel, where both rental and purchase are still seen as options.

Funnel design & forecast

For the campaign deployment, a funnel design was created for each market segment. It outlines the methods and channels through which we will achieve results. For each method, a conversion forecast was established to make the campaign measurable. This also allows us to determine the cost-per-lead in advance and make choices regarding the mix of methods and media. This ensures that the budget aligns with the cost-per-lead and the value of a lead for Coolworld.

Campaign assets and media briefing

The campaign assets encompass a range of elements, including online advertisements (LinkedIn, Responsive display), print materials, trade show materials, whitepapers, downloads, landing page design, etc. The image concept is adapted for each market segment. The funnel forecast serves as a briefing for the media buy in each country.

Our approach

To go from a validated concept to a campaign, we initiated three co-creation sessions with the management and marketing team. In these sessions, we presented a market analysis that highlighted Coolworld's position and the opportunities/threats that could be addressed. In session 2, based on this input, we presented several (visual) concept directions, and in session 3, we presented the chosen concept direction. This approach ensured buy-in for the concept from the client. Subsequently, in collaboration with the individual sales teams in the countries, we adapted the concept to the specific growth market and Decision-Making Units.

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