In 2021 we realised a digital concept for Koning Willem I College, a vocational school of about 20.000 students in the Netherlands. This school is aimed at students who are orienting themselves towards further education in secondary school.

We proactively devised a virtual game for KW1C.
Educational institutions have primarily organised their communication and information in a supply-driven manner. As a result, young people are overwhelmed by the number of courses to choose from. And research has shown that young people already experience so much stress when it comes to making choices. They have to choose for their future and this often turns out to be a difficult choice. Without first thinking about who they are and what would suit them best. This results in many mismatches and early drop-outs from school.

Concept and realisation

We devised and developed the creative concept 'Journey through the land of Koning Willem I College'. We started with the game element. Which originates from scientific career choice and personality tests.
We took care of the (pre-) production of the videos, post-production, design, application development and the collection of profiles in the database. Making choices is central to the game. Do you go left or right? You have to make a choice and the host helps you. No matter how difficult the dilemma is.

During the virtual game you will immediately get to know the land of Koning Willem I College. So you immediately have an image of the campus and the facilities they offer. Essential in a time where the Open Days only had a limited capacity due to COVID-19 measures.

The result?
It turns out to be a channel that converts. More than 50% of all visitors make a 'personal roadmap'. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 students have already played the virtual game! In 2022, this digital experience will be further expanded for adult education.

Want to take a look and play the game? Then click here.

visitors in 2021

Personal Roadmap

8 minutes
time per session
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Strategy director

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