With Umicore, we share our fascination for technology. By deploying the digital ecosystem in a sustainable and scalable manner, Umicore and its business units can make optimal use of its digital services. For over 7 years, we have been supporting Umicore in achieving its digital goals. Our activities range from hardcore application development and innovations to support in more digital strategic areas. Together with the business units, we conduct agile scrum sprints to co-create and quickly bring products to the market.

The Umicore ecosystem now consists of 21 independent websites in 10 languages managed by more than 150 users. It offers various services such as the Goldshop (ecommerce), Productfinder(s) (online catalog), Virtual events, and much more. Here are some examples of the projects we have accomplished together.


An event that would normally take place in person sought a virtual alternative. Every year, Umicore’s Business Unit 'Jewelry & Precious Metals' invites numerous partners and clients to GauzEvent. Relationships come from all over the world to network at the event and, most importantly, to absorb Umicore's knowledge.

In 2021, we developed a virtual event platform where partners and leads were invited. The duration of the virtual event was extended from 1 day to an entire week. During the event week, attendees could watch expert videos and participate in live Q&A sessions to learn from each other. Each visitor had their own program page where they could revisit sessions at a time of their choosing, sign up for sessions, and ask questions.

For Umicore, GauzEvent was more than just an ordinary event. It provided them with the opportunity to gather valuable market information and sales data from their leads and customers. After the event, they could precisely see which topics each profile (relationship) had viewed, adding valuable insights to their CRM. The GauzEvent platform offers more opportunities for other business units in the (near) future.

Digital strategy

As a digital partner, we also support Umicore in its 'digital transformation.' For strategy and vision development, we organized a series of interactive workshops where we mapped out Umicore's current digital maturity and future ambitions. This collaborative effort aimed to create a roadmap for '21 - '25. In these 'strategic alignment' sessions, we translated the company's objectives into operational-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

During these sessions, we focused on stakeholder analysis, content strategy, data management, and personalization. We explored technological innovations to enhance interactions with target audiences efficiently. Additionally, we delved into reputation management and monitoring, social media utilization, and channel strategy & conversion funnels. This comprehensive approach allowed us to align Umicore's business goals with a well-defined digital strategy.

Let’s go for zero

The central theme at Umicore is 'Let's go for zero.' The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy is becoming increasingly important to shareholders, customers, partners, governments, and society. Umicore's transparent and approachable stance, coupled with clear goals, positions the company well. We supported Umicore in the online aspects of the launch of this renewed strategy, enhancing their online presence and outreach.

Clean mobility

How do you explain exactly what you do? The technology used by Umicore, or sometimes integrated into it, is not always easy to grasp. For clean mobility, we developed an interactive experience that effortlessly demonstrates how Umicore's materials contribute to a better world. This new way of visualizing concepts will be increasingly utilized by Umicore in the future to showcase its digital experience and thought leadership.

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Strategy director

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