For the ERDF project 'De Zes van de Kempen' we developed, in co-creation with six cities in the Kempen, an integrated campaign concept that not only creates its own brand identity but also ensures that the set objectives are achieved. The goal of the project is to get more visitors to the six commercial centres of Turnhout, Hoogstraten, Heist-op-den-Berg, Mol, Geel and Herentals, and to have them spend their money there. These are specific target groups from Flanders and the Netherlands. The Kempen is not only attractive for walking or enjoying the peace and quiet and greenery. These six town centres also have other assets that we highlight with the campaign concept.

Co-creation for support

In co-creation sessions, the towns and cities looked for ways to represent and articulate the common assets of the Kempen. The input was the research and surveys conducted among visitors who already visit the town centres. Of course, every town has its own unique offering, but we went in search of a common story and identity that matches the wishes of the identified target groups. By diverging and converging together during our co-creation sessions, the project group was able to make its own choices and coordinate with the supporters in the individual cities. This made the process predictable and ensured support.

Flexible brand identity

Every city has its own style, colours and shapes. The challenge here was to come up with a logo that is easy to use alongside existing logos. It should not be too dominant and it should be multi-purpose. The concept focuses on a personal approach to the entrepreneurs from the six cities. This personal approach is the common trump card that is played and is a worthy alternative to shopping in the larger city centres. We have visualised this personal touch with a fingerprint and a heart.

Conversie en handelingsperspectief

To us, a communication concept is more than a promise in images and text. It has to contribute to the achievement of results. This is also the case for the 'Zes van de Kempen', where the aim is to demonstrably get more people to visit the town centres and to have them spend more time there. This means that we need more than a logo and an image. The campaign concept therefore provides for literally helping consumers to find those great addresses in the Kempen. In 2022, the campaign concept will be used in a broad public campaign. This is the moment when we can and will show more of this project.

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Strategy director

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