In the spring of 2020, we had the scoop on Belgium's first Virtual Catwalk. With the first COVID lockdown, we helped Mayerline by bringing the shop to the consumer. A true Streaming eCommerce channel that until then was only reserved for the large marketplaces in Asia such as Taobao Live that are now each showing record sales after record sales.

The Virtual Catwalk makes it possible to purchase products from a full screen 'TV broadcast'. Directly without leaving the video. The Streaming eCommerce platform we developed enables Mayerline to provide weekly (live) broadcasts to her (potential) customers. Whether this is a beautifully recorded parade or a live broadcast from one of her 42 shops, Mayerline inspires. 

Omni-channel eCommerce

The Streaming eCommerce platform is a rich addition to the existing eCommerce ecosystem. It is a webshop that can be used both stand-alone and integrated. So products can be purchased directly on the platform. A second option is that shopping carts created in the 'broadcast' can also be offered to Mayerline's own webshop. As a third option, you can try out the contents of your shopping cart in the nearest Mayerline shop. The Streaming eCommerce channel is therefore really an addition to the existing eCommerce ecosystem.

The advantage of having your own Streaming eCommerce platform is that it feels less 'transactional' than a webshop. Visitors are inspired by the video content and while watching collect items in the wish list. This wish list is actually a shopping cart. A traditional webshop has more 'losses' than 'profits'. Only a small percentage (± 2%) of the visitors will create a shopping cart and the other 98% will leave without being identified. Here it is the other way around.

On the Streaming eCommerce platform, everyone is immediately recognised by registration and over 87% of visitors create a wish list/shopping cart. All customer profiles with first party data for their own database, CRM or CDP. These profiles can then also be retargeted, which increases the chance of conversions and increases the order frequency. The platform enables Mayerline to introduce a new format or collection every time. A catwalk, personal stylist, live from the shop, joint promotions, collaboration with a marketplace. You name it.

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first party data
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